18 Months ago I invented the 3D printer, single speed mountain bikes and dog walking. 

The last two I have yet to master but really enjoy. 

The first one was easy to be a guru at. I have spent all of my life building things out of wood, metal, plastic with whatever tools were nearby.

I was the head CNC programmer for Nienkamper furniture,  in charge of translating what the design department came up with into CNC programs to cut, drill and machine wood into the boardroom furniture you see at most international head offices today. I worked with many designers to produce 3D moulds for chairs, tables and accessories.

9 years ago my wife and I invented children. We decided that I could give up my rock star life in Scarborough, and raise our son. Best job I ever had (but he fired me recently).

So here we are, my wife and son are awesome, we live in Caledon , I invented the 3D printer, dog walking and single speed mountain biking (32:16 if you need to know) and am ready to solve your problems.

I can produce exactly what you need quickly and economically.

Contact me at nick@canfab3d.com to discuss your needs no matter how crazy you think they are.