I do short run, high quality parts that are designed and made accurately. I design/create/copy/modify solid objects and then 3D print them for you quickly and accurately.

 While I like to think of myself as a prototype shop, I actually produce a finished product. I tweak, pull and push stuff into exactly what you need right now. What I produce is saleable and 100% repeatable in as few or many copies as you want. 

Services Include:

  • Design of custom enclosures for electronics, controls and battery packs, custom embossed electronic faceplates.
  • Replacement parts for anything
  • Toys and replacement parts for toys. (ask us about the lego "impossicube" and the always popular lego iPhone case) 
  • Anything you have seen in the many online sources for 3D printable files such as Thingiverse, Make magazine etc. I am a  huge fan of the "make" movement and offer very reasonable price-per-gram prints performed by an operator who has over 1500 hours of printing experience. This means your print is clean, accurate and in the correct density and finish quality for your application.
  • Producing that thing you always wanted but couldn't find. It can be art, it can be scientific, it can be a thing for your bike, it can be a name tag for your dog or a stencil for your tools. Do you need to make a custom phone holder? The world of 3D printing is limitless and sometimes overwhelming. Chances are we can make that thing.
  • For the pro shop, I do custom printing of your drawings to your specs for prototyping or small runs.  You have done the work and produced the drawings, I produce quick, accurate and field testable prints of these as proof of concept or small and cost effective short production runs.
  • I am Toronto's #1 source for Energy Domes

We Can Make That