We are really happy to announce that we have just added a Replicator 2.X to the stable. This brings even more versatility to what we can already do. It shares the same platform of the of the Replicator 2 but brings a whole bunch of new capabilities. With it's heated bed we can now run ABS which is much stronger and it is also a dual extrusion machine which means we can offer two colour prints as well as two distinctly different materials fused together in the same print. Stay tuned as we produce examples of what this machine can do for you.

We also run a Makerbot Replicator 2 made by some fine folks in New York. Right now it is state of the art for "prosumer" systems.

The complete specs can be found here https://store.makerbot.com/replicator2 but I will sum up it's capability's in a more moderate non-user tone.

  • It prints PLA which is a corn based plastic that is 100% recyclable. In fact, it is considered a "cradle to cradle" substance meaning it can be reclaimed to it's virgin form without any further processing. PLA is strong AND/OR flexible. This is where a skilled operator comes into play. Products can be printed in multiple formats depending on their intended use. Thickness can be varied and interior volumes can be adjusted based on our requirements. Don't know what wall thickness or fill percentage you need? That's another thing canfab3d.com includes for you on every single 
    Our prints are available in multiple colours and materials. Our source for PLA is local and you can view the complete selection at
     . If you want a colour or format we don't currently have on hand, we can get it very quickly and have your prints up and running next day. You can choose from multiple translucent colours, solid colours or even glow in the dark and BPA free for food contact items. There are several different durometers available as well. We have had amazing results with the rubber PLA and have used it to build gaskets, lens caps etc. We are also running the carbon fibre reinforced stuff that while brittle, is very strong.
  • Our maximum build size is 11" wide X 6" deep x 6" high. This is PLENTY.  We typically use less than 1/8th of our build-plate when printing which can be an advantage to you as we can "gang" multiple unrelated pieces into a single print that save both of us time and money.
  • The maximum resolution is 100 Microns (just a sexy way of saying 0.1mm) but again, this is just a number if you are comparing machines head to head but of little value if you just want an electronics enclosure or a switch plate. We will harness this accuracy into exactly what you need. We think our photos speak for themselves and show how fine a print we can produce.
  • Our products are currently used in an FAA approved application and have been tested at  temperatures as low as -70C and flown at 27,000 feet.