The Shell Holder by

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$40.00 for 5 of a single colour with free shipping within Canada

This is our first "regular product" that we are offering for sale internet-style. Like most of our stuff, it was originally designed and produced for a specific person for a specific need and then we moved onto the next project.Turns out lots of people are interested in this and we are more than happy to offer it as our first stock item.If you can't figure out what it does or how it works, you do not own a shot-gun.  You are invited to visit our homepage to see what other non-gun related things we can do for you.The Canfab3D shell holder allows you to keep an extra shot exactly where you need it, not in your pocket, not on your belt, not in your pack. It's on the side of your gun right by your fingertips. It is low profile, lightweight, finger friendly and secure. Whether you are a competitive shooter or a hunter, it is always reassuring to know that you have one more round at your fingertips. If you look closely at the design, it has been very carefully thought out and tested, and has been created to allow you to quickly snap in a shell and quickly extract it when needed. All the rest of the time it holds the shell securely whether you are running to the next stage or running through the woods.One of the best parts about our shell holder is that the hold strength and release pull are totally customizable by you.  The shell holder is delivered to you set up in a way we believe to be ideal for competitive shooters but the plastic is formulated so it can be softened in very hot water. If you want your shell to release more easily (competition) or hold on forever because you probably won't need it (hunting) you simply dip it in very hot water and reform to where you would like it to be, and just allow it to cool. This can be done for multiple cycles until you get the exact feel you are looking for.These are easy to mount using several methods, 2X tape, Industrial Velcro or a single screw (comes pre-drilled) where and when you see fit and is available in multiple colours. It has a flat 3/4" base that allows very secure mounting regardless of your gun style or adhesive choice.If you have read this far you might be interested in ordering some holders. We would love to have your business and will work very hard to make you happy. If this is almost exactly what you want except that it isn't even close, please contact me at  and let us know what we can do for you. We can make that.